My Ceremony Service

At the initial consultation I shall explain the legal requirements prior to marriage & what is required of you on the actual day of your wedding.
I will also explain what my service includes or involves.

During the ceremony there are necessary legal requirements that must be spoken otherwise it may follow endless possibilities.
It may be traditional, themed, quirky, spiritual, or honour your cultural heritage.
Your ceremony may celebrate a ritual such as binding your love by hand-fasting or you may wish to jump the broom.

Together we will set in motion a glorious day that relates to you & your lifestyle.

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I have 3 forms of ceremony available:

The Simple Ceremony

Mon-Fri 9-5PM, Sat morn 8-12PM

The Traditional Wedding

Ceremony available anytime.

The Grand Wedding

Available anytime.

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A variety of different forms of ceremonies & rituals are offered:

  • Bespoke Ceremony
  • Interfaith Marriage
  • A Themed Ceremony
  • Pagan Religion
  • Celtic/Cultural-Heritage Belief

A marriage is a serious commitment, but that should not dampen the fun, lightness & laughter of this occasion, as you share with family & friends one of most important days of your life.

I seek to make your Marriage Ceremony a delightful memory for all involved.

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Traditional Order of Service

The Bridal Procession The Welcoming Address Celebrant Authority

Presentation of Bride Expression of Intent -I Do. Marriage Vows & The Gift of Wedding Rings

The Kiss Signing Registry & Documents Announcement as Newly Weds

Closure of Ceremony Recessional

During the consultation I will explain to you both the process of completing the application form to marry known as Notice of Intent to Marry -NOIM.

The following ORIGINAL documents/certificates are required, if you need to replace certificates contact the Dept of Birth Deaths & Marriages in the state you were born, the divorce/death occurred. There is a fee for this service.

Original Birth Certificate Divorce/Death Certificate (if applicable).
Overseas Passport (if you are not a resident of Australia).
Court Orders (if required).

Proof of Identification: Medicare card, Driver’s Licence, & a utility bill with your current address.

A guide for you both to consider in regard to your ceremony.

A ceremony may be as long or as short as you wish, but, do think about the time-frame of 20-30 minutes as an average ceremony.

The ceremony must include these 3 sections Celebrant Authority Marriage Vows Signing of Marriage Register and Documents. Otherwise the order of service is for you create!

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The Simple Ceremony

This ceremony includes the Bride & Groom plus 2 witnesses over the age of 18 years. The ceremony is simple & straight forward, it is designed for the couple who wish to marry with no fuss involved. There is no rehearsal included

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The Wedding Ceremony

A modern traditional ceremony, it is personal & celebrated with fun laughter & lightness of spirit.

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The Grand Bespoke Ceremony

A ceremony full of rituals, or themes, may include religious practices, inter-marriage ideas or cultural heritage.

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Ceremony Fees

I provide one visit to you, prior to your Wedding Day. You are more than welcome to visit me at my home if you require further consultations.

I am also available by phone or email to happily answer your questions or queries, & to help you in planning your ceremony.

Extra Fees

Extra Rehearsal: $50.00
Extra Rituals: $25.00 each
(& Period/Themed Costume Dressing at client’s expense)
Registered Marriage Certificate from: $49.00
Ceremony outside normal hours to be negotiated
Travel beyond 120 klms return trip: 75c per kilometer

During the interview I will confirm a guaranteed quote & invoice for your ceremony.
Now where do we meet? I am happy to visit you to discuss your wedding plans or you are more than welcome to come to my home.

Not Included in My Fee

Responsibility to play or supply music at the ceremony.
To supply props. Any refund is at the discretion of the celebrant.
No refund 1 month prior to ceremony due to cancellation.

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