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Let me clear the air for you…… what is it you are really after, have you thought about why you want to marry, & have you both talked about how you can do this so that this day reflects you?

Now I do hope you are hanging on when I say …… you don’t need a wedding to marry! A Wedding is an event held to celebrate your marriage rite. If all the fuss is becoming overwhelming take a breath & think about this. There are 3 different approaches you may take to legally marry.

1. A Wedding; the traditional celebration of marriage this includes your ceremony, so what do I mean by a wedding…. well you will have invited people who mean a great deal to you to watch you marry the one you love & then you want to party, this is a wedding event.

2. Elope; this is not a small wedding but a quite sacred ceremony with close family or friends who act as witnesses to your marriage rite.

3. The Registry/Courthouse; you legally marry stating simple words & signing documents.

But here you are…. looking at my webpage wondering if we’re right for each other. So hopefully you’re not off to the Registry/Courthouse, & soon we will meet & together craft a ceremony that holds the essence of you.

Below is a general guide for the legal services I shall provide.


Elopement Ceremony:  Mon-Fri 9 .am. to 3 p.m.  Available at other times for an extra fee.

This is not a small wedding, it is 2 people in love & 2 witness, this is an essential ceremony simple & sacred.

Fee from $395.00


Simple Ceremony

Low key ceremony celebrated with minimal fuss & guests.

From: $450.00


Traditional Wedding Ceremony

The happy celebration of marriage including the traditional rituals.

Fee from $495.00.


Extra Costs:


Rehearsal to be advised.

Public Holiday Loading.

Travel beyond 100Klm return trip incur 74c per klm.

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Vikki Leh Foster