What is a Naming Day Ceremony?

A Naming Day is a wonderful way to welcome your child & celebrate them as they begin their journey through life. Naming ceremonies are not a Baptism or Christening. While the ceremonies are non-religious many parents with religious beliefs hold Naming Ceremonies to welcome their child. Doing so does not prevent the child from holding or participating in a religious ceremony at any stage of their life.


A naming ceremony is a non religious celebration of the arrival of a new child, or the uniting of step or adopted children within a family, sometimes we may wish to recognise the bond to our older children. A change of circumstances in an adult marks the time to acknowledge name change,  so age is no barrier to a wonderful celebration of love.


Naming ceremonies involve the important people in the child’s life- family & special friends. Parents have the opportunity to ask other adults to play a supportive role to their child they may be called Godparents, Mentors, or Guardians.


My Naming Ceremony involves dreams reflections & happy expectations bundled up into a lovely story for the child. Poems readings & quotes of personal significance may be used throughout the ceremony, Often symbolic gestures are also made as the lighting of a candle or planting of a tree. In addition certificates can be presented to the special people as a record of the occasion.


Each ceremony is unique & tailored to suit your individual needs.


Fees start from $295.00. Travel fee may apply.

Vikki Leh Foster