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What a Funeral Celebrant will do……

It is an honour to stand beside you as your Funeral Celebrant. My role as your Celebrant through the coming days is to support & guide you – for you may not know what to expect on this rough & rugged road that we shall travel together.

You may feel many conflicting emotions & thoughts at present; that’s ok for you are grieving & no doubt struggling to come to terms with a life full of pain! What do I do? I shall come to visit, we will sit side by side, maybe we shall look at photos if you have some available, I shall listen as you reminiscence & evoke precious memories of your loved one.

Together we will reflect on your thoughts as we recognize the significant bonds that bound you in life. From these moments shared I take your knowledge & then craft a farewell service to honour the memory of your loved one.

What Happens Now…..

I am notified by the Funeral Director – once this has happened I shall contact you to make a suitable time to visit you. But, if you are aware of the circumstances facing you & your loved one you may contact me before hand. This is not an unusual request; if you would like to meet & get to know one another before the closure then I am available & willing to call upon you. Remember; for me it is a privilege to be with you & your family during the closing chapters of life…..

On the Day of The Funeral….

On the day of the Service I will attend to your needs & concerns.
I do guide the ceremony with care & respect as we share the life journey of a person who touched & influenced many people in life, & left an impact upon your heart.
As one; hand in hand we will say goodbye…..

How much time do we need?

Well it varies from person to person but if you put aside one & half – two hours of your valuable time we should be able to gather a good deal of knowledge. The time taken at the visit is sometimes more, sometime less….

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