``A Celebration of Life``

It is only with true love & compassion that we can begin to mend what is broken in the world. It is these two blessed things that can begin to heal all the broken hearts.


One of the toughest periods in our life comes to us as we say Goodbye…. During this time I will sit with you as you share endless stories about your loved one. From your reflections I shall create a service that has the possibility to gently start the healing of broken hearts. These are the reflections that you treasure, for there can never be too much friendship in the world, too much human warmth, too much affection or too much love.


But….Not every Funeral service will be a celebration of a wonderful life, for we all come with our demons that challenge us. As this difficult period is to be experienced we may share grief gently nurturing one another, taking time to remember that life is precious but so easily knocked about. It will be the time to put our values into perspective, sincerely grieving gaining insight & hope for the future.


How do you reach out to me…. well there are a number of ways loved ones. Traditionally the Funeral Home will use their own Celebrant, occasionally they may contact me. You are able to choose the Celebrant you desire, all you need to say to the Funeral Director is I would like to speak with Vikki please.


A direction that is slowly gaining influence is the ability for us to make future arrangements in regards to our Funeral. This may take a huge amount of stress off the shoulders of your loved ones during a rocky period.  How do you do this you ask? Contact me by phone, email or text message and  we can make a time to meet & discuss your thoughts…. laying the future plans for a memorable send off.

Loved ones, it is a special privilege in sharing the last goodbye with you.

“The Song has Finished, but the Music still Linger’s on…”

Vikki Leh Foster